Andrea LeRnauer

Well actually, it’s Lenauer, but by inserting an R,
I created a play on words with the German term LERNEN (TO LEARN).
The R stands for ressources, road map and the tRick to success.

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Who am I?

As I said, my name is Andrea Lenauer.

I help young people with all their resources and talents to learn how to learn. It is not my primary objective to teach a specific subject but to share my knowledge about learning itself, to show how learning can be FUN! Yes, that’s right! Learning can be fun also for you! It may be useful for you that I teach French as well (private lessons), but for the fun of learning this is a minor matter.

Back when I was a student, I already worked on motivation strategies. Like many other pupils and students, I just couldn’t be bothered with studying. I knew very well what fun and motivation felt like – but only when it came to hobbies and leisure time activities. At one point though, I got the hang of it, and against the expectations of all my teachers, I had found the trick to success. I had found the fun of learning!

Of course, I still had to study hard to pass my exams, but thanks to my self-motivation, learning and studying now worked like a charm. Later on, I completed three courses of studies with enthusiasm and joy. How I managed? That is just what I would like to help students understand through my programmes.

Because if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that we are not born with a negative attitude towards learning.



What’s up? How are you doing today? How would you like to be doing tomorrow?

In your job, in your personal sphere, in life? Do you know the answers to these questions? Do they sound like this?

  • I am doing all right, but …
  • Overall, I have achieved quite a bit but at the moment …
  • I have been quite successful so far, but recently …

Right now, you have come to a point where you feel stuck. Somehow you are not getting where you want to get. You are at a loss with an issue.
What you would need is some impetus, a little nudge from outside, someone to ask the right questions so that you can find the right answers.
Can I be that person? Would you let me coach you through that phase?

My name is Andrea Lenauer and I would be happy to give you this support – for you to regain your momentum, to accept the challenge, to solve the issue.

More about me

I studied French, European and International Law and attended the Post-Graduate Course for European Integration at the Danube University Krems. I also took courses at Trinergy® Interntational (Academy for Communication and Personal Development) and obtained the following certifications:

In 2013, I succesfully completed the Roman Braun Diploma Course for “social counselling” (life and social coach and coach trainer).

As for my own professional carreer, I have more than 15 years of experience in international energy politics and international relations. I set up a representation office in Brussels, have led interdisciplinary teams and have functioned as a mentor and coach for women in the energy sector of a variety of countries (USA, New Zealand, Africa, India among others).

Of course, my professional career hasn’t always developed as I expected it to. I encountered obstacles, made detours, adapted, reassessed my situation and realised that it is often enough to change the perspective:

To get to that point you probably need a little impulse from outside. And that’s my part in our common story!

I look forward to meeting you!


Does the following apply to you?

  • 1. You are a pupil or student and studying really sucks?

  • 2. The mere look at your exam calendar makes you sick?

  • 3. You have no time for your friends because it’s exam time again?

  • 4. You panic when you think about studying?

And this is how you benefit!

  • 1. The key to success is to discover the fun of learning. Go for it!

  • 2. Forget your tight schedules and regain time for your friends!

  • 3. Have fun not only when studying but also in your relationships with your parents and siblings!


  • What is the outcome of the programme?

    I’ll share my secret with you: I’ll help you find the trick and how to use it to have fun learning. Sounds crazy? It isn’t. You’ll see, it won’t take long until you got the trick.
  • How long will it take until I …?

    We won’t need more than 5 hours to find out what does the trick for you, which – once activated – will help you through your whole life.
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  • Leah

    Kenya (Senior Legal Counsel)

    I miss you terribly. I want to thank you for everything. You really did impact my life and you did a terribly good job as mentor.

  • Khulula


    Thank you for affording me an opportunity to talk to you. You listened without judging me. Instead you showed me humanity...

    dedication, patience and direction in both personal and professional life. You taught me to do the best to achieve my goals. You lifted me while I was down. You gave me hope in life. You have made me love and believe in myself. You taught me that giving up on myself was never an option. You gently pushed me out of my comfort zone with a smile and welcoming face. Thank you so much for your kindness. You taught me about God. Wherever I go I will take your teachings with me. You are the best!!! May the Good Lord Bless you abundantly!!!

  • Katherine


    Thank you so much for your time in mentoring me, you really have helped me think about things in...

    a new way and I appreciate your interest in my career and satisfaction in my job. I would love to keep in touch! Warm regards, Katherine.


Interested now?

Get to know me and let us talk things over – no commitment yet. You’ll find out how I can help you and what I can do for you. I am positive I can set you on track. Let us discover your talents and resources together! Let us find the trick.

Put the frustration aside, move on towards the joy of learning with Andrea LeRnauer – Learn to grow.

How to contact me:

Mag. Andrea Lenauer, M.E.S.
+43 664 73541941
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Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Andrea Lenauer